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Beds are not supplied as standard with Head/Foot boards, IV Poles or with side rails, as depicted in the below demonstration images, unless the products web page specifically states that those features are included.

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Nursing Home Electric Bed. Click for more information...
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Nursing Home Electric Bed
HIGH LOW BED The B930A is a 3 motor electric bed is idea for nursing homes or home care facilities. What makes it ideal is its range of features and options. * Overall size: L2140 x W1000 mm * Backrest Lift: 0 - 80 degrees * Knee-break Lift: 0 - 40 degrees * Adjustable Height 350 - 700 mm * Frame: Made by steel with Special Anti-Bacterial Powder Coating * New LHD (Low Bed-height Design) Frame: Min. height 350 mm * Safety Load: 240 kg * Warranty 5 Years on Electricals, 15 Years on Frame
Full Electric K/D Home-Care Bed (4 Motors). Click for more information...
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Full Electric K/D Home-Care Bed (4 Motors)
An electronically controlled bed suitable for aged care or home environments. Made of solid construction for strength, safety and stability, this 4-section bed enables both caregiver and patient to reposition the bed for most aspects of care. Features include: electric back raise, knee break, hi-lo horizontal lift and trendelenburg tilt.

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