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The all-wheel suspension system of the K450 MX provides a smooth ride, whether cruising the halls at school or heading out to the playground. The power seat-to-floor function lets children get down on the ground, perfect for story time, transfers, and playing with others.

The seat-to-floor height ranges from 3 inch to 26 inch making it easy to sit at a table, counter, and even reach things down low. Plus, the K450 MX features R-Net electronics and has an array of power functions including: seat elevator, seat-to-floor, and optional power tilt.

The modular seating system has center mount adjustable legrests and even comes with a free growth kit : something every kid needs. The ultimate Pediatric power chair.


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Full All Wheel Suspension System

Suspension allows all four wheels to remain on the ground and absorbs jolts from the terrain that can cause pain and increased pressure or shearing to the wheelchair user due to increased movement. This will help to maintain sitting balance and contact with the controller to safely drive the wheelchair.

Smoother driving is less likely to trigger abnormal reflexes or spasms, making sitting tolerance, posture, and driving better.

The superior suspension system decreases wear and tear on the chassis and motors.

Power Seat-to-Floor Function

The seat-to-floor function not only helps incorporate children into peer activities, but also enables many children to transfer independently in and out of the chair.

Seat-to-floor height can be lowered from 18 inch - 14 inch before going into reduced speed mode.

Allows the user to easily get under school desks or tables and functionally reach the floor while providing a more stable base by lowering the chair’s center of gravity while driving.

Assists in activities of daily living such as reaching lower bookshelves, pet care and interaction, and floor activities with peer groups.

WC/19 Transport Kit

K450 MX is currently crash tested to ANSI/RESNA WC/19 - this is an option in addition to the 4-point tie downs that are standard on all Permobil power wheelchair bases.
MX Features and Benefits - Modularity

Ability to easily add power tilt, alternative drives, positioning accessories, and growth capabilities as client’s needs change.

Power options include, Seat Elevator, Seat-To-Floor function and optional Power Tilt.

A Free Growth Kit is available.

MX Features and Benefits - Power Tilt Option

45 degree tilt is available at ANY position / seat height.

45 degree tilt allows the user to tolerate sitting in the chair longer and be more functional.

5 degree anterior tilt is standard when power tilt is ordered.

MX Features and Benefits - Center-mount Legrests

Allows for legrest positioning at multiple angles and positions (Including 90 degree for a smaller functional turning radius.)

At 90 degree, the smaller footprint allows the user to get closer to cabinets, tables, and transfer surfaces. This is further enhanced by the seat-to-floor function.

Multiple Tool-Free Adjustments - forward / backward and angle adjustability.

2 footplate sizes available for the most appropriate fit.

MX Features and Benefits - R-Net Electronics

Allows for the customization of up to 8 different drive profiles.

Improved programmability within each drive profile.

High resolution LCD display to provide more feedback to the user. (Optional)

Easy expandability and mixing input devices (ability to have multiple input devices on one chair).

Maximum Speed 8.3kmph (5.2mph)
Max User Weight 56kg (125 lbs)
Ground Clearance 3 inch
Battery Capacity Group 34
Minimum Width 24.5 inch
Base Length 33 inch
Weight of Wheelchair w/Batteries 141kg (311 lbs)
Uphill Angle 18 degrees
Downhill Angle 18 degrees
Side Slope 16 degrees
Power Seat Elevator 8 inch
Seat Widths 10, 12, 14, 16 inch
Seat Depths 10 - 12, 12 - 14, 14 - 16, 16 - 18 inch
Backrest Heights 14 - 20 inch
WC/19 Crash Test Approved Yes
Seat To Floor Height w/ Tilt 14 - 18 inch
Tilt Angle 45 degrees
Electronics (Standard) R-Net
Alternative Drive Controls Yes
Effect of Driving When Tilted Low Speed @ 20 degrees

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