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Leg Relaxer is a simple, but effective, leg wedge pillow. Your body will benefit from the a significant difference in the way your feet, knees, legs, hips, lower back and whole body feel after a sleeping right the entire night or from simply resting with your Legs Up! Leg support cushion gives relief for aching tired legs. Leg elevator gently elevates your legs to ease back pain and improve circulation.

Adjustable, and contoured for superb comfort. Comes wiith a Quilted Cover: Removable quilted poly/cotton. Elevates the legs from the hips, taking the pressure off your lower back. Designed to help maintain the "pelvic tilt" position that eases stress on the spine. Helps eliminate pressure and muscle tension in the lower back. Provides even weight distribution.

Height: 18.2cm.
Length: 71.2cm
Width: 44.5cm


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