[ 9008 ] Action Pilot Cushion 18x18

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The Pilot is a low-profile cushion that provides exceptional pressure relief for most users with a pressure ulcer history.

1 inch of Akton polymer provides immersion for bony prominences and protects clients with fragile skin integrity.

This multi-use cushion is recommended for use on manual and power wheelchairs, truck or taxi seats, or for other uses requiring significantly reduced high pressure areas, vibration and shear.

Available in the following Sizes:

16 x 16 inch
18 x 16 inch
18 x 18 inch

Info & Options

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The very low profile allows users to effectively reach the floor for more efficient foot-assisted propulsion.

Quality polymer gel helps promote even pressure distribution.

Polymer gel, unlike fluid gel, does not displace from areas requiring pressure relief.

Isolates and protects areas where shear forces and pressure points are prevalent.

Polymer provides significant shock and impact absorption.

Pad does not promote bacterial growth, making it ideal for multi-client use.

Pad is sealed by a waterproof film within a breathable cover and non slip base.

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