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The Invacare Top End Force K Handcycle is made for an athlete on a mission. The Force K Handcycle is a kneeling position handcycle in a choice of two custom, made-to-measure designs.

The Force K Kneeler Handcycle is used by the most able athletes and the Invacare Top End Force K Double Amp Handcycle is used by World Champions. The kneeler defines the kneeling position for amputees. Most athletes who race using the Invacare Top End Force K Handcycle are classified as H5.

Just like the rest of the Invacare Top End Force Series Handcycles, the frame is constructed of 7000 series aluminum and then heat treated, making it super stiff for maximum transfer of power. What makes the Force K Handcycle different from the Invacare Top End Force Handcycle and Invacare Top End Force G Handcycle is that it requires detailed engineering measurements which can be viewed on the order form.

Control through the turns is smooth yet fast with our steering dampener system. The 30 speeds operated by the Rapid fire hands-on shifter/ brake deliver smooth, responsive shifting and braking right at your fingertips, plus the easy-to-operate upper derailleur system takes the guess work out of the chain rings. The 26-inch or optional 700C high-performance wheels are outfitted with high-pressure clincher tires, threaded axles, drafting bumper, parking brake and mesh upholstery covered cushions for seat and back. Check out our professional level shifters, cassette, brake and chain ring upgrades and time trial wheel package for maximum performance and speed.


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