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The LimbO waterproof cast protector provides a significant quality of life improvement for the user. It is a non-sterile product and is primarily intended for use in a bath or shower, but as the LimbO is robust and waterproof it can be used for swimming or in hydro pools provided some basic common sense precautions are taken.

There is a cellular neoprene seal which has a wide band of contact and therefore does not pinch the skin or feel constrictive whilst the main body is of a pliable waterproof material and is roomy and slip resistant.

The product is British designed and manufactured, with patents for design and manufacturing process granted or in process.

Initially designed for Orthopaedic use to protect plaster or synthetic casts it rapidly became clear that the product had wider applications in the wound area, where the non-contact nature of the main body of the LimbO made it particularly suitable where any pressure on the wound was undesirable.

Currently in use at over 200 UK hospitals and hospitals in every state in Australia the inherent flexibility of the design, particularly the compliant seal, enables the product to fit a high percentage of patients without the need for a multitude of models.


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The LimbO waterproof protector is designed so that in Orthopaedic applications, with normal use, it will last through the period a cast should be worn. On average eight weeks.

In wound care it will last longer as it will be used in a less aggressive environment (i.e. dressing instead of cast) and patients have reported satisfactory use for periods over one year.

LimbO MODEL NO. SIZING. Limb Circumference Min/Max (cm) EFFECTIVE LENGTH (cm)
Child Arm / Leg Small BE23 2-3 years 23
Child Full Arm FA67 6-7 year old. 22/25 46
Child Full Arm FA67L 16/22 46
Child Full Arm FA67LL 16/22 52
Child Half Arm 6-7 years BE 67 16/22 32
Child Half Arm 8-10 years Slim BE 810-40 16/22 36
Child Half Arm 8-10 years Std BE 810-50 22/25 36
Child Half Arm 11-13 year old BE M50 11-13 year old. 22/25 41
Child Full Leg 4-5 years FL 45 25/34 55
Child Full Arm FA810 8-10 year old. 22/25 55
Child Full Arm FA1113 11-13 year old. 25/34 57
Child Small Full Leg FL3 3 year old. 25/34 50
Child Half Arm BE45 4-5 year old. 16/22 26
Child Full Arm FA45 4-5 year old. 16/22 41
Child Full Leg FL67 6-7 year old. 25/34 60
Child Full Leg FL1113 11-13 year old. 39/54 83
Hand/Wrist MITT 22/27 31
Adult Below Elbow / Half Arm Slim M50A 22/25 52
Adults Half Arm / Medium M60 25/38 55
Adults Elbow / Medium. 2 Seals M65 25/29 27
Adult Elbow Large Upper Arm M75 30/40  
Adults Half Arm / Large M67 29/40 55
Adults Full Arm M70 29/40 69
Adult Full Arm / Slim M60L 25/38 69
Adults Full Arm / Large M78 39/58 69
Adults Knee Medium. 2 Seals M86 39/55
Adults below knee average height M80 39/54 78
Adults Below Knee / Small (to 1.63 m) M80S 39/54 68
Adults Below Knee / Slim  (to 1.63 m) M76S 35/49 68
Adults Below Knee / Sm Slim  (to 1.55 m) M76SS 35/40 60
Adults Below Knee / Slim (up to 1.63m)) M76 35/39 78
Adults Below Knee. (above 1.63 m) M80L 39/54 83
Adults Below Knee / Large M180 52/67 73
Adults Below Knee (height 195 cms) M200 72cm  
Full Leg. Slim to 1.63 m M80LL 39/55 86
Full Leg. up to 1.63 m M100S 52/63 83
Full Leg. Average Height M100 52/65 92
Full Leg. Above 1.83 m M100L 52/63 104
SealSkinZ Cast Protectors are for use by children with leg casts. For use with both Left & Right Legs
Small SK00 4 - 6 years  
Medium SK10 7 - 9 years  
Large SK20 10 - 12 years  

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