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Mid-Wheel Powered Wheelchair

Enjoy the ultimate driving experience with the Q700 M, QUICKIE’s most advanced mid-wheel drive powered wheelchair! Featuring NEW SpiderTrac 2.0 suspension, advanced SEDEO ERGO bio mechanical seating system, innovative controls and the ability to travel at your own pace when elevated with C-ME.

Please be aware that photos displayed on this website show many of the possible options and seating positions available for this model. They are not all standard features

The ultimate experience!

Discover the ultimate driving experience with the striking Q700 M, the high-performance power wheelchair with superior style and manoeuvrability. Boasting SpiderTrac 2.0 sports suspension for a super-smooth ride, enjoy an intuitive driving experience with a mid-wheel drive base loaded with the latest technology to keep you safely on-track. Enjoy comfort as standard with the amazing SEDEO ERGO, the biomechanical seating system that mirrors your body’s natural position for an ideal seated position at all times, even during transitions! Plus, stay connected with the world around you with a selection of easy-to-use controls, personalize your drive with QUICKIE’s patented assignable buttons and 6 seated memory positions - and even keep elevated whilst on the move with C-ME!


Info & Options

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Control at your fingertips

Control your environment with the Q700 M and its advanced controller technology. Available with the superior R-Net advanced joystick as standard, the large, easy-to-read HD display and simple to control paddle switches allow for intuitive operation.


Seamlessly take control of your environment using the integrated Infra Red functionality. Control your TV, docking stations and other home entertainment systems easily via your joystick.


Control your phone, computer, tablet and any other Bluetooth and i-devices with this useful optional extra. Connect and control up to four devices.


Change the function on any button on your joystick to any command you desire, thanks to QUICKIE's patented assignable buttons. You can also assign a second (long press) function to buttons, for quicker, simpler and smoother access to commonly used functions without having to use your joystick.

6 Memory Positions

Get the most out of your Q700 M’s powered seating options with Memory Seating, allowing you to save up to 6 programmable positions and transition to them with a simple press of a button. But why waste time navigating through menus to find the seat position you need? With the NEW 5-Switch Box, you can go straight to the function you need at the touch of a button. Want more than five functions? No problem - you can assign up to 10 commands on each box.
Seat Width:400 – 560 mm (16" - 22")
Seat Height:430 – 480 mm (17" - 19")
Seat Depth:400 – 560 mm (15" - 22")
Backrest Height:510 mm – 610 mm (17" - 19")
Overall Width:620 mm (25")
Overall Length:1070 mm (36.5")
Speed:6 kph high torque, 10 kph standard
Battery Size:60Ah and 72Ah
Turning Diameter:1000 mm (40")
Max. Safe Slope:10°
Max Kerb Climb:100 mm (4")
Electronics:R-Net controller; lights & indicators
Min. Wheelchair Weight:from 160 kg
Max. User Weight:160 kg
Colours:6 colours: red, blue, green, orange, white, black

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