MERITS - [ S745YL-FX ] S745 Midi Electric Scooter (Yellow)

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MERITS - S745 Midi Electric Scooter (Yellow)
Product Code [ S745YL-FX ]

Eye-catching design
Attractive full LED lighting system
Stylish two tone shroud design
Non-slip foot mat
Comfortable adjustable seat height and seat position
Infinite angle adjustment tiller
Looped tiller for finger or thumb steering
Font shopping basket with carry handle


Info & Options

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Weight Capacity136kg / 300lbs
Max. Speed8kph / 5mph
Range32km / 20mi.
Turn Radius153cm / 60”
Ground Clearance9.5cm / 3.75”
MotorDC 24V, 210W(Rating) / 715W(Max)
ControllerPG S-Drive 70A
Battery12V/ U1 x 2pcs
Charger4A off-board
Gradient10°(250lbs) / 8°(300lbs)
Front Wheel10” pneumatic tire
Rear Wheel10” pneumatic tire
Brakeintelligent, regenerative, electromagnetic brakes

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