[ RCN0101 ] Small Base Quad Cane

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Small Base Quad Cane
Product Code [ RCN0101 ]

The Small Base Quad Cane provides additional stability and support with a four point cane base. The cane is height adjustable with a push button (accessible to either a left or right handed person), and has a locking knob for added safety. The offset handle is covered by a foam hand grip.

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# Sturdy aluminium construction with lightweight feel
# Double height adjustment button to allow for either left or right handed use
# Constructed with 22mm anodised aluminium
# Easy grip foam handgrip
# Secured with locking knob for added safety
# Non-slip rubber tips (with metal inserts) ensure a secure grip
Handle Height: 75cm to 98cm
Base Size: 15cm wide x 20cm deep
Weight Capacity: 114kg
Cane Weight: 800gm

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