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The Zippie Zone is a new, innovative pediatric rigid wheelchair suited for active kids and teens!

The Zone delivers the lowest weight in pediatric wheelchairs with best in class growth options, all in a design that offers great ergonomics for optimal efficiency and independence.

A few of the cool new options available on the Zone include a flip back footplate, side guards with built-in hub lock access and a flared frame with inset backrest.


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The LIGHT Zone!
To our knowledge, the Zone is the lightest weight pediatric chair available today. A 10" x 10" configuration can weigh as little as 14 lbs. This is important because chair weight has a much bigger impact on pediatric propulsion and maneuverability because of the ratio of chair weight to body weight.

The COOL Zone!
The Zippie Zone's attractive ergonomic design will keep kids the coolest on the block! Some new options include Glow (in the dark) frame color, gold anodized parts, folding lock down backrest, Spinergy wheels and a flip-back angle adjustable footplate.

The GROWTH Zone!
It's hard to keep up with kids, especially during growth spurts, but the Zone was designed to do just that - provide plenty of room for growth! The Zone features 3" of built-in depth growth in the frame that is infinitely adjustable for precise fitting, and an extra 2" of seat sling upholstery is folded in the front providing 2" of depth growth without requiring a new sling. Frame width growth is as simple as replacing a few parts; not the entire frame.

The TECH Zone!
Heat Treated aerospace 7000 series aluminum is the key to the Zippie Zone's remarkably low weight. Using a special post heat-treatment process, ShapeLoc technology unlocks the potential of this traditionally difficult alloy. The result is a remarkable tubing that's lighter than titanium, more rigid, and less expensive.

The Zippie Zone features 2 new Hub Lock options. The first option uses separate triggers located under each seat rail. The second style offers a single side (unilateral) wheel lock lever built into either fender.

Lightweight wheels and aggressive camber can help with wheel access and user independence for young, active children. The Zone offers new Lite Spoke 20", 22", 24" rear wheel options as well as 0°, 3° and 6° of camber.

Make a statement with one of 6 new standard paint frame colors now available. Choose from Copper, Fuschia, Glow in the Dark, Root beer, Silver, and Titanium.

Looking for a more of a stylistic statement for your chair? Try an anodized color package available in gold (new!), black, titanium grey, blue, green, purple or red. Children with limited lower-leg range often have difficulty placing their feet in front of the footplate during transfers. The Zippie Zone offers a flip back angle adjustable footplate to meet these needs. By flipping the footplate behind the downtubes, these kids can more easily transition to the floor. The footplate adjusts from 0° to 108° to accommodate a variety of muscular skeletal positioning needs.

The Zone's hydroformed caster housing creates a unique, streamlined caster housing shape without compromising adjustability or weight. To maximized performance, ovalized tubing is used in the frame, axle plate, and caster housing. Its superior vertical strength decreases frame flex and increases overall rigidity.

Zippie offers a comprehensive product portfolio. Look no further for a complete solution to your pediatric needs. Not only will you be able to find what you need in a chair, you can also bundle your order with a seating system.

Built to meet the requirements of HCPCS code: E1235
Product Weight: (10" X 10"): as low as 6.3kg
Product Weight Capacity: 74 kg
Seat Width: 8" - 16"
Seat Depth: 8" - 18"
Frame Angle: 80°
Center of Gravity: - 0.25" - +2.25"
Camber: 0°, 3° or 6°
Back Height Adjustments: 6" - 8" up to 14" - 18"
Front Seat Height: 14"
Rear Seat Height: 13"

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