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QUICKIE - Xplore
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For an active users spending time outdoors

Quickie Xplore is an excellent choice for an active user spending time outdoors.

The directional stability at high speeds in all types of environments, helps ensure that the end user’s optimal Center of Gravity will be maintained without any adjustments required.

Info & Options

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Power Seat Functions
Quickie Xplore is available with tilt, shear reduction, recline, lift, power ELR`s and Power Center mount. Each with durability and reliability unmatched in the market. Ground Compensation - GC3 Technology
While riding over uneven surfaces, the hard movements and vibrations are controlled and not absorbed by the seat or user.

Gravity Compensation - GC3 Technology
The unique suspension will distribute the weight over a larger footprint and improve the stability.

Gravity Control - GC3 Technology
The independent suspension stabilizes the seat in downhill and uphill transitions to keep the user comfortable in their chair.

Industry standard and time tested PG drives electronics. PG features easy full programmability and trouble shooting. Integration with infrared and bluetooth technology is easy.

Intelli-drive Technology
This steer correcting feature improves maneuverability at low speed and helps maintain a straight trajectory for non-proportional specialty controls or when in latch mode in indoor or outdoor environments.
Seat Width 10 - 24 inch (25.5 - 61 cm)
Seat Depth 10- 22 inch (25.5 - 56 cm)
Backrest Height 12 - 22 inch (30.5 - 56 cm)
Armrest Height 6 - 22 inch (15 - 56 cm)
Overall Width 25.5 inch (65 cm)
Overall Length 43.5 inch (110.5 cm)
Frame Rear Wheel Drive
Battery Size 73 AH
Seat Tilt yes
Back Recline yes
Turning Radius 27 inch
Electronics PG R-Net Expandable
Min. Wheelchair Weight 150 kg
Max. User Weight 181 kg

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