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The Invacare Top End T-5 7000 Series Tennis wheelchair is faster, lighter, stronger and better than its predecessor! 7000 series aluminum material, enhanced head tube design and axle securing system improve performance and reduce overall weight by 2 lb. Who doesn’t want that?

7000 Aluminum reduces the overall weight of the chair by 2 lb., making it comparable in weight with titanium frames. The big advantage of 7000 aluminum is three-fold. One, the material is approximately 23% stronger than 6061 aluminum. Two, since the material is stronger, we are able to reduce the wall thickness of the aluminum tubes, reducing the overall weight. Best of all, the rigidity and strength of a 7000 aluminum frame is further enhanced by Invacare® Top End®’s sophisticated heat treating and powder coating process.

The Invacare Top End design team has made improvements in multiple components on the T-5 7000 Series Tennis wheelchair. The head tube design includes precision components that maximize stiffness, reduce play and improve overall responsiveness of the casters, plus it is lighter weight. Axle receivers will now be locked onto the frame using the bolt securing system. This system minimizes axle play so that a player’s rear wheels are secure and solid for a confident feel. Lastly, sleek curved frame members add a sharp look to the camber tube and swivel anti-tip.

The Designer:
Each T-5 7000 Series Tennis wheelchair is custom built to each individual athlete’s specifications and this process is overseen by Paul Schulte himself, the General Manager and design engineer for Top End® and member of the USA National Men’s Wheelchair Basketball Team. He has played in many Paralympic Games and has held multiple MVP titles as a junior and in Men’s NWBA Division 1 and 2. This guy knows what he wants in a performance chair and it is the same as you!

Weight Capacity: 250 lb. / approx. 113 kg.


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The Invacare Top End T-5 7000 Series Tennis Wheelchair is faster, lighter, stronger and better than ever. In 2011 it hit the market with new material, enhanced headtube design and axle securing system reducing overall weight by 2 pounds and improving performance. Each Top End T-5 7000 Series Tennis Chair is custom built to each individual athlete's specifications and is overseen by Paul Schulte who is the design engineer for Top End and the Captain of the USA National Men's Wheelchair Basketball Team.


  • Custom-built fixed frame in 7005 aluminum
  • Adjustable height fixed swivel anti-tip
  • 58mm fifth wheel
  • Fixed back with fixed or adjustable height
  • Adjustable tension seat and back upholstery
  • Fixed axle position with fixed wheelbase
  • Fixed camber: 15,18 or 20 degrees
  • High performance Sun wheels:
  • 24, 25, 26 inch or 700C
  • Four bed offensive wing
  • Anodized pushrims
  • High pressure clincher tires
  • Precision fork caster system
  • 72mm casters
  • Adjustable height tubular footrest
  • Powder coat paint
  • Rear frame protector
  • Axle securing system
  • 250 lb. weight capacity

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