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The Max-Immerse Cushion is designed to accommodate individuals with a larger skeletal structure or bony prominence. The uniquely elevated cell contour enables more effective adjustment across the seating surface. With air cell heights historically limited to no greater than 4 inches, individuals were to some extent restricted to immersion depth.

Today, Max-Immerse allows situating the client to a new, greater depth ensuring ultimate dispersion of the weight bearing load throughout the surface area. The soft, flexible air cells are ideal for the prevention and healing of up to and including a Stage IV pressure ulcer.


  • Air adjustable 5 ich cells offer the ultimate immersion values available, to further enhance pressure reduction, tissue protection and treatment.
  • Available in dual and four valve/ compartment to effectively address seating challenges such as pelvic obliquities and sacral sitting, to enhance posture control and to improve overall function.
  • Light Weight, Approximately 4 pounds./1.36 kilograms.
  • Available in Pediatric through Bariatric
  • 24 Month Manufacturers Limited Warranty.
  • Comes complete with fitted cover, pump and repair kit.
  • Designed of high quality, flame resistant, latex free neoprene rubber.
  • No Weight Limit

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