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Compact and powerful

The Salsa R2 incorporates great indoor and urban performance. Indoors, the compact base and low seat to floor height (starting from 42cm) ensures easy access under tables. Outdoors, the suspension and robust base offer a comfortable and active driving characteristic up to a speed of 10 kph. With simple access to the batteries from the rear, they can be easily changed while the user is in the chair.


Info & Options


Fully adjustable seating system
The Salsa R2 is equipped with a fully adjustable seating system which can be quickly adjusted throughout the full range of width and depth, back angle and height without additional parts. The seat is designed for perfect adaptation to the user. Jay backs and cushions can be easily fitted.

Captain Seat
The Captain Seat offers a comfortable backrest with easy to use flipback arms and centre-mount footrest. It features semi recline and adjustability in back height. The seat cushion is removable, converting to a solid seat pan if a pressure reducing cushion is required.

Powered tilt module
Powered 50 degree tilt module with centre of gravity adjustment allows greater stability while maintaining short wheelbase.

The Salsa features VR2 electronics - dependable, highly flexible & easy to use. An Attendant Control can also be added.
Seat Width41 - 51 cm
Seat Depth41 - 51 cm
Backrest Height45.7 - 50.8 cm (25 mm increments)
Armrest Height23 - 30.5 cm
Overall Width62 cm (14 inch wheels)
Overall Length110 - 114 cm (70 degree hanger)
Speed10 kph
Battery Size60 Ah
Max. Range30 km
Seat Tilt0 degree - 50 degree
Back Recline-4 degree - 16 degree
Turning RadiusMax. 120 cm
Max Kerb Climb6 cm
Max. User Weight140 kg

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