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QUICKIE - Pulse 5
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Comfort and performance in a proven design

The Quickie Pulse 5 is a compact, durable power wheelchair that offers a wide range of effective seating and electronics options in a compact, easy to drive wheelchair. Great for small houses and compact environment.

Info & Options


Available in 2 models
The Quickie Pulse 5 is available in 2 Models: Quickie Pulse 5 (CC): 8 Kph, 2-Pole motor, No Power Option base with Captain Seat Quickie Pulse 5 (BC): 8 Kph, 2-Pole motor, Tilt and ASAP I, Adjustable Seat Frame.

Power Base Designed for Performance
The Quickie Pulse 5 is reliable and compact mid wheel drive for indoor accessibility. Its flexible suspension system ensures optimal outdoor performance. Sleek base style is available with shroud colour options: Candy Apple Red or Candy Blue.

Multiple Frame Options: ASAP (BC)
Asap Seat (BC). ASAP seat frame with static tilt adjustment of 0 degree and 4 degree. SPOT Tilt on ASAP seat frame provides up to 50 degree of tilt • Backrests: Jay Curved back or Jay 3 back In-field width, depth and back height adjustability: 16 - 20 inch Wide, 16- 20 inch Deep.

Multiple Frame Options: Captain Seat (CC)
Captain Seat (CC). Fully adjustable seat size, legrest placement and armrest width. Convertible seat pan for flexibility in positioning solutions. Sleek, comfortable style. Semi-recline and fold-down backrest. Mounting accessorie. O2 Holder. Crutch Holder. Walker Holder. Available in 16 inch, 18 inch and 20 inch width and 15 inch - 22 inch depth. Seat to floor height adjustment from 16 inch - 20 inch.

Electronics Options
VR-2 Non-Expandable Controls • Industry standard non-expandable electronics • Dependable, highly flexible, and simple to use • 2 button Thru Drive for Tilt


Backrest Options for ASAP I Seat Frames (BC): Jay J3 Backrest
The JAY J3 back’s stylish design, quick-release hardware and ability to meet a multitude of clinical needs make it an excellent complement to all Pulse models.

Backrest Options for ASAP I Seat Frames (BC): SPOT Curved Back
The SPOT Curved back’s solid support system and option of Whitmyer headrests and positioning components make it a fantastic option on the Pulse 5.
Seat Width16 - 20 inch (40.5 - 51 cm) ASAP, 16, 18, 20 (40.5. 45.5, 51 cm) Captain Seat
Seat Depth16 - 20 inch (40.5 - 51 cm) ASAP, 16, 18, 20 (40.5. 45.5, 51 cm) Captain Seat
Backrest Height18 - 24 inch (45.5 - 61 cm)
Armrest Height9 - 12 inch (23 - 30.5 cm)
Overall Width24.5 inch ( 62 cm)
Overall Length34 inch without footrests
FrameMid Wheel Drive
Speed10 km/h
Seat Tiltyes
Turning Radius18 inch
ElectronicsPG VR2
Min. Wheelchair Weight:ASAP II Frame: 106.5 kg. No Power Seating, Captain's Seat: 113 kg Single Power Seating Option (Tilt): 163 kg
Max. User Weight136 kg

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