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The Quickie GP Series is the first family of rigid versions of the Quickie 2. The popularity of the GP family comes from the day-to-day versatility riders have come to rely on. The ideal chair for daily use and sport activities, the one-piece welded frame delivers a solid rigid ride.

Fully adjustable with a solid, rigid frame, Quickie GP and GPV chairs are engineered to maximize function and performance while minimizing effort for the rider. The extensive array of options and accessories make this model an ideal chair for daily use and sports activities. A variety of wheel options (tires, rims and hubs) are matched to the desires of the rider with choices from no maintenance to high performance, including Quickie Performance Wheels for tennis and basketball.

The GP family includes the Quickie GP, Quickie GPV, Quickie GPV Titanium, Quickie GPV Swing-Away and GPV Competition. The GP features a non-tapered front end ; The GPV features a 70° V Front Frame ; The GP Swing-away has a rigid frame with swing-away footrests.

The GP Titanium is the GPV made with titanium rather than aluminium and the GPV competition is a package that offers an extra 2" (25mm) of fixed tilt or squeeze for the rider.

With a variety of options, the GP series can be customized to users of any size or shape. Any individual will find a comfortable home in a GP.


Info & Options

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  • Angle adjustable folding or non folding backrest.
  • Optional push handles.
  • Multiple Wheel options.
  • Custom frame options provide optimum positioning.
  • One-Piece Welded Frame.
  • Adjustable axle plate, Double Slot and Amputee Axle Plate options available.
  • Adjustable Caster Housing.
  • Rigid Tubular footrest.
  • 70° Front Frame.

GP (K0005)GPV (K0005)GP SA (K0005)GPV Comp (K0005)
Frame StyleOpen-TranditionalOpen TraditionalOpen TraditionalOpen Traditional
Transport Weight6.35kg4.4kg5.8kg4.4kg
Standard Weight11.8kg9.8kg11.1kg9.8kg
Weight Capacity113kg113kg113kg113kg
Seat Width12" - 22"12" - 22"12" - 22"12" - 22"
Seat Depth12" - 22"12" - 22"12" - 22"12" - 22"
Back Angle Adjustment82° - 94°82° - 94°82° - 94°82° - 94°
Camber0° - 11°0° - 11°0° - 11°0° - 11°
Tension Adjustable UpholsteryYesYesYesYes
Overall Width67.3cm67.3cm67.3cm67.3cm
Front Seat-to-Floor Height39.37cm - 58.42cm39.37cm - 58.42cm41.91cm - 52.07cm43.18cm - 54.61cm
Rear Seat-to-Floor Height36.83cm - 52.07cm36.83cm - 52.32cm40.64cm - 50.8cm38.1cm - 45.72cm
Footrest / Frame Angle60°, 70°, 75°, 80° 60°, 70°, 75°, 80° Swing-Away 80°
Back TypeFolding/Non FoldingFolding/Non FoldingFolding/Non FoldingFolding/Non Folding
Back HeightAdjustable 8° - 20°Adjustable 8° - 20°Adjustable 8° - 20°Adjustable 8° - 20°
Center of Gravity (COG).05° - 3.5°.05° - 3.5°.05° - 3.5°.05° - 3.5°
Xtender-Power AssistYESYESYESYES
Front SuspensionNONONONO
Rear SuspensionNONONONO
WarrantyLimited LifetimeLimited LifetimeLimited LifetimeLimited Lifetime
All specifications are subject to change by the manufacturer at any time


Size =
Weight =12 kg. (Max)  

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