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THE F3 BASE offers the smallest footprint of Permobil’s redesigned series of front-wheel drive power wheelchairs. Its size and agility let users move quickly in and out of tight spaces like busy city streets and crowded areas like malls...or even parties. The platform has a lower, repositioned center of gravity, which greatly improves stability while traversing inclines or declines. With its fully independent suspension, the F3 provides a comfortable ride and allows users to navigate the obstacles of life.

THE CORPUS SEATING SYSTEM. The F3 Corpus comes standard with all of the ergonomic and technological advances of the Corpus seating system from its sleek and stylish design that fits the contours of the wheelchair user’s body to its revolutionary tilt and recline features. Unique to the F3 Corpus are the 12 inch seat elevator and the A/P tilt, which allows for optional 30 degree of anterior tilt and 50 degree of posterior tilt. There’s no need to comprise comfort with a smaller chair, and the F3 is proof of that.


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F3 Corpus
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Power features like elevating legrests 85 degree to 170 degree
180 degree of Power Recline
50 degree of posterior tilt along with 5, 10, 20 and 30 degree of anterior tilt


Maneuverability with an option to remove anti-tippers

F3 Corpus


Fully independent for a more comfortable ride


12 inches of Seat Elevator that maintains three points of contact for increased stability

Maximum User Weight 300 lbs 136 kg
Maximum Speed 6 MPH (5mph without anti-tippers) 9.6 km/h
Driving Range 13 miles 20 km
Base Width 24 inches 610 mm
Base Length 40 inches (with anti-tippers) 1,016mm
36 inches (without anti-tippers) 915mm
Minimum Turning Radius 26.5 inches 673 mm
Ground Clearance 3 inches 76 mm
Battery Type Group 24 and Group 34
Weight including batteries 386 lbs (with Group 34 batteries) 175kg
405 lbs (with Group 24 batteries) 184kg
Drive Electronics R-Net 120A
Seat to Floor Height (STFH) 17.5 inch, 18.5 inch, 19.5inch (445mm, 470mm, 496mm)
Optinal Seat Elevator 12 inches (305mm)
Tilt Options 0 degree - 50 degree Posterior
5, 10, 20 and 30 degree Anterior
Recline Options 85 degree - 120 degree (Manual)
85 degree - 170 degree (Power)
Legrest Angle85 degree - 170 degree
Backrest Height 20 inch, 23 - 28 inch (by 1 inch increments) 508mm, 585mm - 712mm (by 25.4mm increments)
Seat Depth 14 inch - 22 inch (by 1 inch increments) 356mm - 559mm (by 25.4mm increments)
Seat Width 17, 19, 21, 23 inch (432mm, 483mm, 534mm, 584mm)
Armresst Pad Lengths10, 13, 16, 18 inch (254mm, 331mm, 407mm, 458mm)
Actual driving range will vary based on driving and battery conditions.
Manufacturer specifications may change at their discretion
Refer to Owner Manual for safe driving practices

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