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The ROVI X3 is one of the most innovative power bases ever created. Unlike anything that has come before, the ROVI X3 utilizes an unique chassis configuration that creates MORE stability with LESS overall width. It is a simple, but remarkable breakthrough in power wheelchair design and when paired with our powerful 4-pole motors and patented ARC Suspension, the result is truly noteworthy.

The Motion Concepts ULMaxx Seat Top systems are designed to seamlessly interface with virtually every power base in the industry while allowing you to choose from modules such as Center of Gravity Tilt, Recline, Pre-Cline, Lateral Tilt, Anterior TIlt and Power Elevating Seats. Combined with our wide variety of accessories, we offer Solutions for every clients needs.


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Rovi X3
The design is centered around the heaviest portions of any power wheelchair, and boost a unique design with the batteries not seen on other powerchairs. The chassis design is around 2, MK Group 34 batteries and 2, 4-pole motors. This design increased the center of gravity, and allows us to deliver a narrow base that is a real powerhouse! Our breakthrough is a nimble base while also significantly enhancing stability.

Patented ARC suspension (Active Ride Control Suspension), with 6 inch independent springs, simple, non-adjustable, with a suspension travel, torsion springs that encourage the front castors to seek the ground - this is a ride that needs to be driven to be fully appreciated

Service Access has been made simple, with the client in the chair testing and inspection of all electrical connections, add, remove, change mechanical switches, change drive controls, joystick/display, replace rear battery, and replace front battery can be achieved.

Rovi X3
R-Net Electronics
The ROVI X3 has 4-pole motors are precision matched with PG Drives Technology for optimal power, efficiency, and functional versatility.

The X3 system is available with the LED or LCD R-net system for all the expandable versatility you have come to know and trust. Further enhancing control and ease of service, Motion Concepts maximizes the PG platform by integrating their chipset into the actuator controls for the ultimate in programability and function for their seating systems set-up and programming time with the memory card feature.
Improved simplicity with universal connectors.
Better information for programmers and technicians

Seat Width280mm - 550mm (11 - 22 inch)
Seat Depth250mm - 580mm (10 - 23 inch)
Overall Width (base) 600mm (23.5cm)
Overall Length (base and seat frame) 1,150mm (45 inch)
Full Turning Radius 508mm (20 inch)
Seat to floor height Power Tilt 410mm (16 inch)
Tilt / Elevate 430mm (17 inch)
Electronics R-Net Expandable Controller
Optional Seating Systems
All powered seating functions
can be operated either through
or separate from the driver control
Tilt Up to 55 degree
Recline up to 170 degree
Tilt / Recline
Elevate up to 300mm
Tilt / Elevate
Tilt / Recline / Elevate
Curb Climbing 76mm (3 inch)
Chair Weight 143kg (including batteries)
Chair Weight Limit 136kg standard
Top Speed 8 kmph (standard)
Actual driving range will vary based on driving and battery conditions.
Manufacturer specifications may change at their discretion
Refer to Owner Manual for safe driving practices

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