INVACARE - [ TE-ForceG ] Top End Force G Handcycle

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Safety, comfort and performance are distinguishing characteristics of all of our competitive handcycles.

If you want to force the pace, nothing beats the Invacare Top End Force-3 Handcycle as an entry level competitive handcycle or the gut-powered Invacare Top End Force G Handcycle, the kneeling Force K Handcycle or the totally dialed-in aero super reclined Invacare Top End Force RX Handcycle.

Whether you’re just starting to compete or are a top professional athlete looking to improve your results at the finish line, an Invacare Top End Force Series Handcycle is the only way to go!

The Invacare Top End Force G Handcycle is a jet. The Force G Handcycle’s design offers an adjustable, trunk-powered, erect position for low paras, amputees and competitors who can gut it out using abdominal, arm, shoulder and chest muscles.

The Force G Handcycle can be considered a cross trainer and is used by athletes classified as an H4. It is a great core workout, allows you to see the traffic a bit easier than the recline-only positioned handcycles and is generally not the top choice for speed/aerodynamics.

The center frame construction has an internal rib which reinforces the frame, making it super stiff for maximum transfer of power. The Force G Handcycle’s center frame design also allows for transfers that are easier than any other handcycles in its class. Adjustable back angle (55-90 degrees), back height, leg rests, crank height and fore/aft seat position allow you to dial in your ultimate power position.

Control through the turns is smooth yet fast with our steering dampener system. The 27 speeds are operated by the Rapid fire hands-on shifter/ brake which deliver smooth, responsive shifting and braking right at your fingertips. The cable driven upper chain ring derailleur system is precise and fast with a mounting position that allows more room up-front.The 26-inch high performance wheels are outfitted with high-pressure clincher tires and threaded axles.Standard safety features include: drafting bumper, chain guard, safety flag, parking brake and cushions for seat and back. Check out our professional level shifters, cassette, brake and chain ring upgrades and time trial wheel package for maximum performance and speed.


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