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Using design concepts developed for the Quickie All Court, the Quickie Match Point introduces a new level of performance to the tennis court. Using our patented center-of-mass adjustment feature, the Match Point adjusts to match each user's unique center-of gravity and seat-angle requirements -- all without swapping parts. This, along with a new series of options, wide footprint, and long anti-tip tube makes the Quickie Match Point the perfect chair for any wheelchair tennis athlete


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Centre-of-Mass Adjustment System
The patented centre-of-mass adjustment system provides 3.5 inch of centre-of-gravity adjustment and up to 5 inch of vertical seat squeeze adjustment without having to make changes in fork size, castor size, castor-stem size, or fork-hole location. This allows you to optimise your chair's set-up for manoeuvrability and efficiency without adding complexity or extra parts.
Wide Footprint
The Match Point features an extra wide front footprint, meaning the castor wheels are set further apart than other sports wheelchairs. This wide stance gives you additional stability when you are leaning forward or to the side to return a tough shot.
Seat Width12 - 20 inch (30.5 - 51 cm )
Seat Depth10 - 20 inch (25.5 - 51 cm)
Front seat height16 - 21 inch (41 - 53 cm)
Rear seat height13 - 21 inch (33 - 53 cm)
Rear Wheel OptionsSpoke wheels and Spinergy sports wheels 24 inch - 26 inch
Axle OptionsStainless steel, optional titanium or quad - release axles
Camber16 degree or 20 degree
Max. User Weight113 kg
Product WeightFrom 10.20 kg

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