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Invacare Portable Ramps are manufactured with a unique combination of uni-directional glass and carbon fibre materials to create an extremely strong and lightweight ramp suitable for a wide range of uses. Tested to AS/NZ Standards, up to 300kg*, Invacare Portable Ramps require no assembly, so can be deployed for use in seconds!


  • PORTABLE - Allowing for easy storage or transport in any vehicle or home environment.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT - Invacare Portable Ramps are very strong, yet light enough to be portable.
  • COMPACT - Enables Invacare Portable Ramps to fold with a concertina action, allowing for a much smaller width when folded.
  • SAFE - Invacare Portable Ramps provide a non-slip surface, for all weather conditions.
  • STRONG - For security and peace of mind.
  • SIMPLE-TO-USE - Allowing the ramp to be deployed in seconds, and immediately ready for use!

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  • Invacare Portable Ramps can be quickly folded into a single compact unit.
  • Made from a unique combination of uni-directional glass and carbon fibre materials.
  • Multi-paneled design held together with a patented hinge system connected by webbing
  • Clearly marked and grip tape covered, Invacare Portable Ramps are also fitted with pads at the top and base.
  • Invacare Portable Ramps are tested to AS/NZ Standards, up to 300kg!*
  • Invacare Portable Ramps require no assembly.
Model / Length (cm)Max HeightRamp WidthRamp Weight
Personal 070 17.5cm 74.5cm 4.7kg
Multipurpose 087 21.75cm 83.5cm 5.6kg
Multipurpose 100 25cm 83cm 6kg
Senior 090 22.5cm 75cm 4.8kg
Senior 120 30cm 75cm 8.3kg
Senior 135 33.75cm 75cm 8.5kg
Senior 150 37.5cm 75cm 9.6kg
Senior 165 41.2cm 75cm 10.8kg
Senior 185 46.25cm 75cm 11.2kg
Senior 200 50cm 75cm 11.7kg
Senior 250 62.5cm 75cm 14.8kg
Senior 300 75cm 75cm 22.1kg
Senior 350 87.5cm 75cm 24.7kg
EBL 090 22.5cm 75cm 6kg
EBL 120 30cm 82cm 9.7kg
EBL 135 33.75cm 82cm 11.1kg
EBL 150 37.5cm 82cm 11.8kg
EBL 165 41.2cm 82cm 13kg
EBL 200 50cm 82cm 13.7kg
EBL 250 62.5cm 82cm 23kg
EBL 300 75cm 82cm 27.3kg
EBL 350 87.5cm 82cm 31.5kg
Invacare Portable Ramps are available in 4 models, in a wide range of sizes;

PERSONAL - Portable, lightweight ramp that allows easier access in and around the home or workplace. Ideal for climbing kerbs or similar obstacles. Includes carry bag as standard.

MULTIPURPOSE - Longer and wider, designed to cope with a wider range of obstacles making it more suitable for commercial and travel situations. Invaluable when venturing outdoors. Includes carry bag as standard.

SENIOR - Flexible range of ramps to cope with obstacles from 22.5-87cm in height. 10 sizes available

.EDGE BARRIER LIMITER (EBL) - Added security of edge barriers, particularly suited to providing instant access to buses, trains and buildings where a permanent ramp is impractical. 9 sizes available.

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