FREEDOM - [ BRO204-X ] Quad Walker Genesis 3 Short

Austech Medical


Easy fold rounded backrest for comfort.
Suitable for institutions, rental or domestic use.
Suitable for indoor and outdoor use.
Registered design
New light touch lock brake system.
New 20cm flat ridged wheels minimises wheel wobble and increases grip.
Heavy duty construction - with a safe working limit of 200kg, Australian standards certified.
The frame is widened between the rear wheels for maximum walking space.
The bag has 75% more storage space.
New nylon bag prevents visibility of valuable items. e.g. Wallet, Hand Bag, Keys

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Overall Max Height:870mm
Overall Min Height:760mm
Overall Length:700mm
Overall Width:600mm
Seat Depth:350mm
Seat Width:450mm
Seat Height:500mm
Castor Size:200mm / 8 inch
Product Weight:8.6kg
Product Capacity:200kg

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