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The new Invacare TDXSP is the first model in the next generation of TDX (Total Driving eXperience) power wheelchairs.

The TDX SP takes all the best features of the TDX series and improves upon them with enhanced performance, superior ride quality, quieter chassis, and an elegantly simple design. With built-in technologies such as a True Centre Wheel drive, Enhanced SureStep, Traction Control Design, Quiet Stability Lock, MK6i Electronics, and powerful 4-pole motors, the TDX SP is designed to meet the needs of rehab clients who demand performance and style.

Photographs are for demonstration purposes and product may vary depending on what options you select. The Otto Bock headrest, the Attendant controller and the Jay3 Cushion shown in these photos are all optional extras. None are supplied standard with the chair.


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Please note that not all features shown in the above images are standard.
  • Traction Control Design. Enhanced SureStep - the TDX SP uses an enhanced version of Invacare’s patented SureStep technology. With Enhanced SureStep, the TDX SP climbs up to a 7.5cm (3”) obstacle going forward, similar to the current TDX. As a new design feature, the front casters of the TDX SP will also drop a 7.5cm (3”), which makes transitioning down an obstacle very gentle and nearly silent..

  • Faster. More Powerful. True Centre-Wheel Drive - The tightest possible turning radius comes from a True Centre- Wheel Drive chassis. The TDX SP uses this type of wheelbase to provide excellent manoeuvrability and an intuitive driving experience. This technology combined with Enhanced SureStep, Traction Control Design and Quiet Stability Lock makes the TDX SP a great indoor and outdoor chair. By optimising the Torque speed curve, our motor/electronics combination provides a 9.7 kph top speed with ample torque. The chair gets consumers where they need to go quickly, while also providing the power required to handle those tough obstacles.

  • Quiet Stability Lock – The new Stability Lock replaces the metal gear set used on the first generation TDX with a gas-locking cylinder, making the feature whisper quiet. It also provides a shock-absorbing effect.

  • Elegant Simplicity. Inspiring Design -Our designers started with sketches and drove the design so that aesthetics were never sacrificed for functionality.The end result is an elegant design with a focus on simplicity and detail.

  • Seating Options. Versatility - The TDX SP offers a wide variety of seating options that make it an extremely versatile powerchair.

New MK6i Electronics

  • MK5 programming logic, so operators do not need to learn a new system
  • Reduced set-up and programming time with the memory card feature.
  • Improved simplicity with universal connectors
  • Better information for programmers and technicians
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Seat Width30cm - 60cm
Seat Depth30cm - 55cm
Overall Width 61cm
Overall Length 90cm
Full Turning Radius56cm
Seat to Floor Height - Power TIlt 45cm
Seat to Floor Height - Super Low 40.5cm
Electronics MK6i, MPJ Expandable Controller
Optional Seating Systems
( Tilt Angle 0 - 50 degrees )
Tilt / Recline
Tilt / Elevate
Tilt / Recline / Elevate
Curb Climbing 7.6cm
Chair Weight 143kg (including batteries)
Chair Weight Limit 136kg standard
180kg Heavy Duty
Top Speed 9.6kmph (standard)

A more indepth look at some of the power chair technologies developed by Invacare which have been incorporated into the TDX SP model.

G-Trac Technology
A new engineering innovation
The latest innovation from Invacare takes the form of the G-Trac technology, which raises the bar for power wheelchair control and is set to become a benchmark in the industry.

How G-Trac Works
G-Trac functions just like an electronic compass by greatly improving track performance and traction. Whether driving at higher speed outdoors or at a slower pace indoors, Invacare's G-Trac technology is similar to the ESP function found in modern cars, adding new levels of user control and providing a safe and consistent driving experience.

Users regain control of their environment
Obstacles, inclined pavements, slopes and slippery ground all reduce wheelchair's intended path. The frequent steering corrections required to stay on course can be tiring and can lead to loss of control. G-Trac helps drivers follow a straighter path with fewer corrections so users truly feel they are controlling their environment, not the other way around. Whilst regular users of power wheelchairs will appreciate the added G-Trac functionality, it is particularly beneficial to those using alternative controls such as sip-n-puff, tablet controls, scanners, digital head arrays or latched driving modes.

G-Trac provides constancy at low speeds..
When driving at slower speeds, a change in surface material can cause loss of speed or direction. G-Trac helps maintain a constant pace and steady course, regardless of changing surface conditions.

...and keeps pace in faster modes
Higher speeds and fast approaches to corners often mean that wheelchairs can start to spin or skid yet driving around hard curves or executing rapid manoeuvres is often too slow. G-Trac works by analysing driving parameters and only reduces the speed as much as is absolutely necessary. It balances these movements early on and adjusts the speed to ensure the wheelchair trajectory and guarantee user safety. The end result? A more agile and lively driving performance.

Sure Step
SureStep ultimately allows for a smoother transition down from obstacles.

The rear low pivots aid in obstacle climbing, front high pivots keep the chair stable.

The downward travel makes coming off an obstacle effortless and nearly silent.

Colour MPJ
This new colour joystick will replace the existing monochrome display screen on all Invacare power wheelchairs using MK6 electronics.

The use of a colour display on the MPJ+ joystick does more than simply provide improved aesthetics. Colour is employed to the user's advantage as it will help designate drive mode and status. new icons will be easier to view and more intuitive to understand and background colours are even programmable to allow choice for viewing indoors and outdoors.

New features of this new MPJ joystick include a real time clock and improved battery diagnosis.

It is compatible with existing Invacare power chairs using MK6 electronics.

Expandable MK6i Electronics
MK Series electronics are the benchmark in power wheelchair drive systems. This is the result of years of experience in the design and manufacture of electronics specifically for the needs of wheelchair consumers.

Expandable Systems are intended to provide more functionality for users and meet more complex needs. This includes current as well as anticipated needs in the future. An Expandable System will be required to meet the following user needs:

  • Allow use of a Switch Driver Control or a Sip-N-Pull Driver Control.
  • Allow use of Specialty Proportional Controls (Chin, Lip, Head, Mini, Low Force, Joystick, etc) due to inability to operate a standard joystick.
  • Allow use of a specialty configured Joystick due to limited hand function that limits access to either the joystick inductive or operational (on / off / drive select) switches.
  • Provide access to multiple programmed drive modes for safe mobility (i.e. indoor, outdoor, ramps, curbs or rough terrain).
  • Provide Full programmability for Independent Driving.
  • Allow use of an attendant control for care-giver assist during transfers / transportation / positioning for ADL's. Allow access to a remote on/off switch for safety and independence.
  • Allow access to operate multiple powered seating actuators through the driver control due to an inability to operate a separate actuator switch in either the upright or recumbent position.
  • Allow access to operate ECU's and/or emergency call systems through the driver control for safety and independence.
  • Allow access to operate an Alternative Communication device through the driver control due to impaired / absent speech.
  • Allow access to a separate display other than the joystick LED's for visual or cognitive impairments.

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