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The Invacare Storm Series Torque SP rear wheel drive power wheelchair with 4-pole motors and MK Series power wheelchair electronics offers many of the features and options found on the other Storm Series models while maintaining a truly affordable price. Built on the rugged Storm Series H-frame design, the Torque SP power wheelchair offers a proven, durable construction and rubber element independent rear suspension for a softer ride.

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Invacare 3G Torque Power Wheelchair is the uncommonly well appointed economy model of the 3G Storm Series. It offers many of the features and options found on the other Storm Series models while maintaining a truly affordable price.

  • TrueTrack Technology - The patented TT TrueTrack technology features Gearless- Brushless GB motors and motor controller. This feature helps keep the power wheelchair on a true forward path – even on many slopes, thresholds and uneven terrains. TrueTrack minimizes the need for veer correction, diminishing fatigue for joystick and switch drivers.

  • Invacare’s Gearless-Brushless GB motors - Are not only a key component of the TT TrueTrack technology, the design is 75% efficient resulting in 17% more battery range than Invacare’s 4-pole motors. Battery range is an important feature for active users and users requiring powered seating systems.

Key Features
  • Standard heavy-duty 4-pole motor for additional power for active users.
  • Durable gearbox offers true gear reduction for higher torque.
  • The drive wheel on the 3G Torque can be adjusted forward or backward for maximum maneuverability and precise centre of gravity adjustment.
  • The seat location system allows for the seat to slide along the base frame to optimise its centre of gravity while maintaining traction and stability.
  • Standard Dynamic Shark controller (New Zealand only).
  • Standard independent rear-wheel suspension is designed to absorb significant jolts and impacts.
  • 21 different colour options from Electric Red to Cosmic Blue.
  • Shock Fork for castors to provide optimal absorption for all weight categories (Optional).
  • Maximum speed of 7.2 km/hr.
  • Weight capacity up to 181kg (159kg/tilt).
Seating System Standard PTO Plus
  • Weight-shifting system maintains stability and optimises base performance by eliminating front loading.
  • No ground clearance reduction, so terrain access is maintained.
  • Up to 50º tilt angle ensures weight transfer from seat to back for pressure relief.
  • No unsightly hardware to detract from the clean, uncluttered appearance and style.
  • New single function toggle offers a smaller size while retaining the drive lockout indicator.
  • Low seat-to-floor height of 19" (48 cm) at lowest tilt angle for improved accessibility.
  • Seat adjusts rearward as seat depth grows, optimising overall length and centre-of-gravity.

Seat Width30cm - 55cm
Seat Depth30cm - 55cm
Overall Width 63cm
Overall Length 71cm
Overall Height 79cm - 103cm
Back Height 35cm - 50cm
Minimum Turning Radius81cm
Seat to Floor Height 44cm - 53cm
Arm Height 24cm - 34cm
Chair Weight 120kg (including batteries)
Chair Weight Limit 181kg standard
159kg / Tilt
Top Speed 4.5kmph (standard)

A more indepth look at some of the power chair technologies developed by Invacare which have been incorporated into the TDX SP model.

G-Trac Technology
A new engineering innovation
The latest innovation from Invacare takes the form of the G-Trac technology, which raises the bar for power wheelchair control and is set to become a benchmark in the industry.

How G-Trac Works
G-Trac functions just like an electronic compass by greatly improving track performance and traction. Whether driving at higher speed outdoors or at a slower pace indoors, Invacare's G-Trac technology is similar to the ESP function found in modern cars, adding new levels of user control and providing a safe and consistent driving experience.

Users regain control of their environment
Obstacles, inclined pavements, slopes and slippery ground all reduce wheelchair's intended path. The frequent steering corrections required to stay on course can be tiring and can lead to loss of control. G-Trac helps drivers follow a straighter path with fewer corrections so users truly feel they are controlling their environment, not the other way around. Whilst regular users of power wheelchairs will appreciate the added G-Trac functionality, it is particularly beneficial to those using alternative controls such as sip-n-puff, tablet controls, scanners, digital head arrays or latched driving modes.

G-Trac provides constancy at low speeds..
When driving at slower speeds, a change in surface material can cause loss of speed or direction. G-Trac helps maintain a constant pace and steady course, regardless of changing surface conditions.

...and keeps pace in faster modes
Higher speeds and fast approaches to corners often mean that wheelchairs can start to spin or skid yet driving around hard curves or executing rapid manoeuvres is often too slow. G-Trac works by analysing driving parameters and only reduces the speed as much as is absolutely necessary. It balances these movements early on and adjusts the speed to ensure the wheelchair trajectory and guarantee user safety. The end result? A more agile and lively driving performance.

Colour MPJ
This new colour joystick will replace the existing monochrome display screen on all Invacare power wheelchairs using MK series electronics.

The use of a colour display on the MPJ+ joystick does more than simply provide improved aesthetics. Colour is employed to the user's advantage as it will help designate drive mode and status. new icons will be easier to view and more intuitive to understand and background colours are even programmable to allow choice for viewing indoors and outdoors.

New features of this new MPJ joystick include a real time clock and improved battery diagnosis.

It is compatible with existing Invacare power chairs using MK series electronics.

Rubber Element Standard Suspension
Independent rear-wheel suspension is designed to absorb significant jolts and impacts.

For improved impact absorption and vibration control over uneven terrain, suspension package can be upgraded to the Monroe Spring Shock System.

Monroe Spring Shock Upgrade Suspension (optional)
Monroe Spring Shock system allows for up to 2 inches of movement to absorb impact and provide maximum dampening.

Independent rear-wheel suspension is designed to absorb significant jolts and impacts.

Shock Fork Suspension (optional)
Shock forks, designed for 8 inch casters, utilize elastomer dampeners that may be changed to provide dampening for all weight capabilities.

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