OTTO BOCK - [ 480F53=60000 ] Start M6 Junior Adaptive Wheelchair

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OTTO BOCK - Start M6 Junior Adaptive Wheelchair
Product Code [ 480F53=60000 ]

The Start M6 Junior is precisely tailored to the requirements of children. Its outstanding features include adjustable seat depth settings, clear colours, and durable upholstery.

The footplate for short lower leg length as well as the casters and rear wheels were selected to match the dimensions of its users.

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  • Swivel segment for footrests with quadra lock.
  • Standard side panel with height adjustment.
  • The aluminium crossbrace provides stability and good folding ability.
  • Wheel lock for user and attendant use.
  • Mounted clamp of the anchor point kit for transportation in a motor vehicle.
  • Rear wheels with quick-release axles.
  • Aluminium tube frame.
  • All main component groups are attached with screws.
  • Standardized caster forks for all wheel sizes.
  • Durable upholstery.
  • Small folding size with folding fixture.
  • Children’s colours.
  • Optimized wheel lock.
  • Footplate for short lower leg lengths.
Seat width 28 cm - 38 cm
Seat depth 31 cm - 37 cm
Back height 30 cm - 37.5 cm
Front seat height 40 cm - 49 cm
Rear seat height 35.5 cm - 49.5 cm
Lower leg length 16 cm - 47 cm
Weight from approx. 14.5 kg
Max. user weight 90 kg
  • Height-adjustable push handle and attendant brake
    - V-shape
    - Swings inwards
    - Removable.

  • Rear wheel adapter allows for different settings
    - From passive to active.

  • Preparation for transportation in a motor vehicle for the disabled
    - Securing points for safe anchoring in a motor vehicle for the disabled.

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