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The new Avantgarde CV offers sporty performance, ergonomic handling and outstanding functionality.

The special details include a vertical anterior frame and swing-away, removable footrest holders, allowing you to approach furniture, the bed or bathtub with precision while also facilitating a straightforward transfer. The footrest holders can be unlocked even with limited hand functionality.


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At a glance
  • Aluminium foldable active wheelchair in modular construction
  • Custom fabrication per measurement form for each user
  • Compact, clean frame geometry with ergonomically designed control elements
  • Progressive two-tone colour
  • Highest stability with 140 kg load capacity
  • Wheelchair weight of approx 12kg
  • Upgraded standard equipment includes hollow rims, ergonomic push handles and 25" rear wheels
  • Optional full-suspension chassis
  • Brand new "Pure Metal" effect colours
Load Capacity 140KG
Weight 12KG
Seat Width 32 - 50cm
Seat Depth 36 - 52cm
Back Height 25 - 50cm

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