FREEDOM - [ HBA-425 ] Sliding / Rotating Transfer Bench

Austech Medical


The HBA 425 is a Sliding & Rotating Seat Transfer Bench. This transfer bench is fitted with a seat which rotates a full 360 deg. The seat slides from end to end, enabling the user the maneuver in and out of the bath with ease. The rotating seat ensures the user can enter or exit the seat from any direction.


  • Soft padded backrest, seat and handles.
  • Swiveling seat allows easy access for the user onto the seat from any side
  • Seat slides from side to side for easy transfer into bath tub
  • Lightweight aluminium construction
  • Height adjustable extension legs
  • Handle can be attached to either side of the chair.
  • Fold down backrest.

Info & Options

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Overall height adj. 860mm - 970mm
Overall length 480mm
Overall width 880mm
Seat depth 360mm
Seat width 430mm
Seat Height Adj. 370mm - 470mm
Armrest Height 100mm
Unit weight 8kg
Maximum user Weight     100 kg

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