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The 3 in 1 Rail is designed for safety and comfort and benefits a range of users from the average build to the larger build persons. This Rail enables the user to have support close to the body, where it is most needed. This model has a weight loading of 130kg. The user is able to lower safely onto the toilet and pushing up from the seat is also much easier. The Rail is safer than over frames as it is rigidly fixed to the toilet pan, and also does not need to be removed for other users. The handles can also be folded down in order to facilitate a wheelchair transfer. Additionally, either one or both handles can be removed to suit some requirements.

Technical specifications:

Two Optional Settings:

  • 510mm or 640mm between the handles, and fold down handles
  • Height of Handles above seat: 260mm approx
  • The Back Plate Internal Measurements: 370mm

Info & Options

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Available as both a Standard and Wraparound Rail
These Rails have been designed to fit infant toilet pans in pre schools. (The infant toilet pan has a width of 300mm approx at the widest section of the pan). Restrainer straps used across the thighs are available to prevent falls.
Recommended for: Children

Handle Height: 190mm
Between Handles: 400mm
Height Above Seat: 190mm
Child back plate internal Measurements: 290mm

The Bariatric Toilet Rail is designed to assist the larger build. This particular rail can hold weight up to 150kg to 180kg.
With its free standing feet and rubber grips, the Bariatric rail relies on the floor of the bathroom/toilet, rather than being supported by the toilet itself, providing excellent stability. The legs and feet are set back so as to be of no hindrance to the user.
Recommended for:
Larger Built People, tested up to 180kg. Throne Bariatric rail will fit with the entire range of Throne Accessories Spacers.

Technical Specifications:
Distance Between Hand Rails: Approx 600mm
Height Above Seat: 250mm (with adjustable legs)

All measurements are approximate

The Throne Toilet Spacers have been specifically designed to raise toilet seats. The spacer is supplied with longer bolts to secure the seat and spacer to the pan.
The Spacers come in two sizes, 50mm and 80mm
  • They can be used with or without Throne rails
  • Throne spacers allow use of a normal toilet seat and they eliminate movement, which can lead to slipping off the pan.
  • Spacers are easily installed, becoming an extension of the toilet pan.
  • Throne Spacers are also used to raise the height of most electronic bidets.
  • Spacers are easily installed, in effect becoming an extension of the toilet pan. In order to stop any lateral movement of the Spacer on the pan, use a small portion of double sided tape.
  • Please note that brackets are only required when installing a Throne Rail and a 80mm Spacer.

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