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The Quickie Pulse 6 wheelchair combines comfort and performance in an aesthetically pleasing, proven design. Available in two models, BC (No power Option) and SC (Single Power Option), the Pulse 6 is a compact, durable power wheelchair that offers a wide range of effective seating and electronics options for group 3 user needs.

Product Features

  • 70A VR2 Drive Control w/ 4 Button Hand Control
  • 300 lb 6.0 Motor Package
  • Quickie ASAP Seat Frame
  • Flip Back Height Adj. Armrests w/ 14" Waterfall Arm Pads
  • Auto style positioning belt
  • 8A Offboard Charger
  • 13 inch Drive Wheels (flat free insert)

Info & Options


Industry standard VR-2 electronics (non-expandable) are a simple and dependable non-expandable platform available on the Pulse 6. This package also features an optional 2-3 actuator switch-control that allows users to operate combinations of tilt and power leg rests without converting to the more expensive expandable R-net platform.

"Assignable buttons" is an exclusive feature to PG Drives and Quickie Wheelchairs that lets dealers, clinicians, and technicians assign commonly used functions such as tilt-up, tilt-down, legrests-up, legrests-down, etc. to many of the available buttons and ports on the joystick. Users with limited dexterity and/or cognitive ability can simply punch a buddy button or similar device to accomplish a menu-function input without wading through a maze of menu selections.

Seat Width: 12 - 22" (30.5 - 56 cm)
Seat Depth: 12 - 22" (40.5 - 56 cm)
Backrest Height: 14 - 28" (35.5 - 71 cm)
Armrest Height: 7 - 16" (18 - 40.5 cm)
Overall Width: 24.5" ( 62 cm)
Overall Length: 34" without footrests
Frame: Mid Wheel Drive
Battery Size: 50 AH
Seat Tilt: yes
Turning Radius: 18`
Electronics: PG VR2, R-Net optional
Min. Wheelchair Weight: ASAP II Frame: 106.5 kg. No Power Seating, Captain's Seat: 113 kg Single Power Seating Option (Tilt): 163 kg
Max. User Weight: 136 kg
Colours: See order form

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