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The Convaid EZ Rider is a popular upright pediatric wheelchair that is best-in-class, convenient, lightweight and compact folding. The EZ Rider is custom-built to meet each individual requirements. It comes equipped with Convaid’s proprietary self-tensioning seating system, Self-TensioTM, which provides increased seating tolerance and can help promote neutral pelvic positioning. It provides 5 years of growth capability through its seat depth extension system. The EZ Rider comes in either Textilene or Cordura upholstery that is removable, washable and comes in a wide selection of colors. The Convaid EZ Rider is easy to fold for maximal portability, available in sizes 12, 14, 16 and 18 for up to 250-lbs. It comes with a transit option that meets WC19 transport safety standards. It is attractive, highly durable, provides therapeutic necessities, comes with a lifetime guarantee and is made in the USA.

  • Upright seating -10deg; fixed seat angle
  • Self-Tensio; Seating System – increases sitting tolerance
  • Growth Capabilities – Extends chair life for a growing child
  • Comprehensive Positioning Options – Provides maximum comfort, durability and optimal positioning
  • Lightweight & Compact -folding – folds to the size of a small golf bag
  • Transit wheelchairs are crash-tested and adhere to national safety standards

Info & Options

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You can customize your Convaid EZ Rider with several convenient packages and options.

The Convaid EZ Rider Convertible Package comes with 8inch rear wheels, plus removable larger rear wheels. The large rear wheels are perfect for the user who has enough upper body strength to self propel for some distances and would like to take advantage of independent mobility. The Convertible Wheelchair has a 10-degree fixed seat angle, which allows a child or teen with limited upper body control to sit upright and see straight ahead. However, when needed to maneuver in small spaces (such as restaurants or when traveling on a bus or plane), the rear wheels are easily removable. These self-propelled wheelchairs fold easier than most conventional wheelchairs - simply remove the large rear wheels and fold like a conventional umbrella stroller.

The EZ Rider Planar Option offers more in-depth seating and positioning. The planar option provides comprehensive seating and positioning for maximum comfort and optimal positioning. The planar wheelchair features a solid seat and back, which provides additional positioning and support for longer periods of sitting. The Planar seating option promotes good trunk posture for better respiration and improved digestion. The EZ Rider Planar solid seat and back option can easily be removed for convenient, compact-folding and easy transport.

The Convaid EZ Rider Transit Option For occupants who must remain in their wheelchair during travel, a Convaid, compact-folding, transit wheelchair that meets WC19 standards is the safest choice. The Transit Option can be ordered on almost any Upright wheelchairs. The Convaid Transit Chair is a convenient, compact-folding wheelchair that is RESNA-WC19 compliant and has been crash-tested to proper industry standards. The Transit Option is ideal for transport on the bus to school, day programs, or field trips. The Transit Option requires the chair come equipped with 4 bright red anchors, headrest extension, positioning belt and foot positioners. All Convaid Cruiser wheelchairs that are WC19 Transit Ready and can be used as seating in a bus or van.

Convaid’s Self-Tensio; Self-Tensio™ is Convaid’s unique self-tensioning seating system which provides therapeutic pelvic positioning similar to a solid seating system in an umbrella folding rehab wheelchair.

All Convaid EZ Rider Wheelchairs have earned a HCPCS code of E1236 because they have been classified as pediatric, compact-folding wheelchairs. Grow with Your EZ Rider Wheelchair

Simple adjustments to the EZ Rider Wheelchair allow you to extend the life of the chair for a growing child. There is no need for expensive growth kits. The EZ Rider has 5 years of growth built into the chair

*Measurements in inches* EZ12 EZ14 EZ16 EZ18
Seat Width 1214 16 18
Seat Depth 9-1411-16 12-1714.5-19.5
Weight Capacity up to 113kg
Colour - Cordoua Panther Black, Cherry Red, Royal Blue, Princess Pink, Sassy Purple, Forest Green, Chcolate Brown, Aqua Blue and Apple Green
Colour - Textilene Navy Blue, Teal Green, Violet Purple, Wild Raspberry.
9 - 14 11 - 16 12 - 17 14.5 - 19.5

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