INVACARE - [ Action4HD ] Action 4NG Heavy Duty

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Where stability meets style!

A comfortable, foldable, lightweight wheelchair, the Action 4NG is ideally suited for everyday use.

A key feature of this next-generation model is the innovative Invacare hallmark of cross-compatibility; a shared platform with other models in the Action NG family means that users and advisors can easily update or refurbish their wheelchairs and enjoy maximum opportunities for personalised adjustment.

The Action 4NG HD is available in Self Propel or Transit and has a maximum user weight of 160kg.

This is a reinforced model with larger seat widths and is built to take a user weight of 160kg and still maintain the light-feel driving experience together with essential seating support


Info & Options


Seat Width50.5cm (20 inch) / 55.5cm (22 inch) / 60.5cm (24 inch)
Seat Depth40-50cm (16-20 inch)
Seat to Floor Height48.5cm (19 inch)
Folded Width30.5cm (12 inch)
User Weight160kg/350lbs
Product Weight18.4kg/40lbs
Transport Weight10.2kg/22lbs

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