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Jay Cushion
Skin integrity with stability

Product Features

  • Lightweight precontoured foam base with sacral and seat rail notches
  • The built-in medial and lateral thigh support promotes optimal thigh positioning
  • Choice of curved or flat base for use with solid or sling seat
  • Choice of incontinence or microclimatic cover
  • Solid seat (as option)

Clinical Application

  • Client with symmetrical and mild asymmetrical posture and moderate postural support requirements
  • Provides moderate lateral stability as well as moderate forward/rearward stability
  • Moderate risk of skin breakdown and shear
  • Independent weight shift

Info & Options

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JAY Flow Fluid Insert

The Easy features a small JAY Flow fluid insert, which conforms to each individual's shape, adjusts to sitting positions and ensures proper fluid placement beneath boney prominences to help protect the skin from breakdown. Its zero-maintenance design delivers superior results for the life of the cushion.

Curved Or Flat Base

The JAY Easy cushion comes in either a curved base (for use on a seat sling) or a flat base (for use on a solid seat pan or in combination with a solid insert). This option insures that the cushion maintains stability on any of these seating surfaces.

Sacral Notch

The rear of the cushion base features a sacral notch similar to the one in the JAY Xtreme base. This notch prevents tissue breakdown around the coccyx caused by bouncing or posterior pelvic tilt.

Width14 - 20 inch, 22 inch, 24 inch (25 - 60 cm)
Depth14 - 18 inch, 20, 22, 24 inch (25 - 60 cm)
Height Front3 inch (6.3 cm)
Height Rear3 inch (6.3 cm)
User Weight113 kg
Product Weight Max6 kg
Product Weight Min1.8 kg
Cushion TypeSoft foam base+Jay flow fluid
Cover TypeMicroclimatic and Incontinence (optional)

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