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  • Dual layered contoured foam base
  • Reticulated foam in the outer cover promotes air movement
  • Soft and stretchable outer cover

(available with coloured outer cover side bands - option)

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Soft Foam Base with Varying Firmness
The Zip cushion's dual-layered foam base combines structural support and comfort. Typically, a child using an 8 inch wide cushion may require a slightly softer foam than a child using a 14" wide cushion. For this reason, the firmness of the Zip's foam base increases with the cushion width.

The comfortable and soft outer cover offers a unique benefit: it's antimicrobial. The X-static fabric is impregnated with silver, which studies have shown actually inhibits microbe growth. This same material is also used in bandages, hosiery, and footwear to name a few. The outer cover is black as standard, and additional spares covers in pink or blue can be purchased.

Colorful Cover Sidebands
Through the JAY Your Way custom modification program, the Zip cushion can be ordered with coloured outer cover sidebands to complement a child's wheelchair at no additional cost. Choose from blue, red, toxic green, purple, and pink!

A dual layered contoured foam base, and a soft, stretchable outer cover create a very comfortable ride for kids. The 3DX spacer fabric in the outer cover also promotes air movement to prevent heat and moisture build-up.
Width8 - 16 inch (20.5 - 41 cm)
Depth8 - 18 inch (20.5 - 46 cm)
Height Front2.75 inch (7 cm)
Height Rear2.75 inch (7 cm)
User Weight75 kg
Product Weight Min0.9 kg (12 x 12 inch)
Cover Typecolourful colour side bands option

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