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The StarMatt Mattress Replacement System combines the high-end beneits of multicelled air technology with a custom foam mattress. Underneath the 4 inch air cells, the mattress features a 3.5 inch thick layer of therapeutic foam to add patient lift and prevent bottoming out.

The mattress system has an overall thickness of 7 inch, with four adjustable air sections that it within the mattress perimeter. Having the air sections slightly narrower in width, side bolsters are added, allowing increased safety and easing patient transfers. The photo shown left accommodates a standard hospital size mattress (Model# SMRS 3580).

Custom sizes and special configurations are also available from Paediatric to Bariatrics

Non-Powered Advanced Pressure Reducing Mattress

Model# SMRS 3580 - 35 inch x 80 inch x 7 inch (Fits standard hospital bed frames)

Model# SMRS Custom - Any size from paediatrics to bariatrics up to 60 inch wide


  • Four Adjustable Zone StarMatt Sections, with connecting snaps
  • 7 inch Thick Custom Foam Mattress
  • Fitted Cover for Foam Mattress
  • Second Incontinent Fitted Cover over entire system
  • Hand Pump
  • Repair Kit
  • Two-Year Manufacturer’s Limited Warranty
  • No Weight Limit!

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