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High / Very High Risk

The Softform Premier Active 2 retains properties as a high risk static mattress but should clinical judgement determine that the patient requires stepping up to a dynamic surface, then a discrete pump can be fitted to the air insert transforming the mattress into a dynamic surface and delivering additional levels of pressure relief.


Info & Options

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Air Insert contained within standard Softform Premier mattress foam construction

Allows stepping up and down between static and dynamic alternating systems with minimum patient disruption.

Sensory software within the pump can gauge patient weight

Pressure can be maintained accordingly at an appropriate level. Fully alarmed in case of power failure/fault.

Inflation of air cells alternates on a 10 minute cycle

Delivers an extremely comfortable mattress surface, while preventing pressure on any one area.

New air cell design

High level of patient comfort and reduced friction through advanced material and innovative cell design.

Air system placed beneath foam insert

Greatly reduces risk of sharps puncture.

Mattress can stay on the bed for a wide range of patients. Reduces requirement for introducing specialist dynamic systems

Reduces moving and handling issues; minimizes additional storage requirements.

High risk static mattress, delivering exceptional pressure reduction and patient comfort

In the event of a power failure, the patient is still resting on a high risk pressure reducing surface, minimizing the potential of pressure damage occurring until power is restored.

Mattress does not require turning

Reduces manual handling issues.

Two way stretch PU waterproof cover

Provides excellent recovery and durability, and helps reduce shear and friction forces.

High frequency welded seams

Reduces the risk of fluid ingress.

Full length flap conceals the zip

Reduces the possible fluid ingress through the zip.

Toughened PU coated base

Prolongs the longevity of the mattress.

Double coated PU sides

Reduces the risk of strike through, hydrolysis or delamination.

Single piece of foam U core

Facilitates patient transfer by providing side wall support.

Zipper for ease of removal

Unique four sided zip made from a moulded chain link plastic polymer that does not rust, whilst being extremely strong and durable.

Water penetration resistance

35 kPa minimum (BS 3424: part 26). 35 kPa minimum after 20,000 cycles Martindale Abrasion Test EN ISO 5470-2

Mattress Width 1970mm x 880mm (other sizes available upon request)
Mattress Depth 152mm
Weight 13kg
Max User Weight 248kg
Cleaning 71 degrees
Colour Fuchsia
Risk Very High risk
Foam Warranty 8 years
Cover Warranty 4 years
Replacement All parts

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