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The Helium is designed for active people for use indoors and out. Constructed of high-strength aircraft aluminum and titanium, the Helium is the lightest stand-up wheelchair in the world. Brilliantly engineered, this ergonomically-friendly standing system incorporates gas struts that deliver the safe and easy lift you need to put you eye to eye with your friends and family. To stand-up, the user grasps the side handles for forward propulsion. This arm movement, helped by the gas struts, allows you to stand with amazing ease!

Thanks to dual-component kneepads and an adjustable chestbelt, the standing position is comfortable and safe. The sliding lever or handle system with double locking in low position, rules out any involuntary engagement of the stand-up system during a transfer. In high position a simple locking device in sequence with the stand-up movement enables great freedom of movement in complete safety.


Info & Options

Maximum User Weight265 lbs 120 kg
Width 22.5 inch - 29.5 inch 570 - 750 mm
Length 35 inch - 42 inch 890 - 1070 mm
Recline Options 87 degree - 102 degree
Seat to Floor Height 20 inch 510 mm
Seat Widths 14 inch, 16 inch, 17.5 inch, 19 inch 360, 400, 440 480 mm
Seat Depths 16 inch - 21.5 inch 410 - 550 mm
Backrest Heights 12.5 inch, 16 inch, 20.5 inch 320, 400, 520 mm

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